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We have cleared the tower…

So it’s been a little while. I won’t make excuses, I’m terrible at keeping track of things — I’m surprised my plants/cats/fish continue to thrive — and I have this thing where, when I amon the internet, I’m reading or seeking out things and I just don’t sit myself down and think “Okay now, blog time” because when I do… well I tend to find myself losing track of other, often more important things……

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Delayed Surprise

Well, I was doing well for a while there and once again I slipped off into the world of distraction…

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Whoop de doo for my Subaru!

Doctor Who tattoo Finished! Might get some adjusting, but as of this moment it is completed.

First color session.

Good “morning”.

Explain the air quotes? I’m on Night Shift. Well, I should say I rotate nights and days - no, not just because we’re on a big ball of dirt spinning on its axis as it revolves around the Sun. I work in auto manufacturing (and doesn’t that just make me the Rosie the Riveter type?) and instead of getting stuck on Night Shift (hear the doom in the capital letters?) we rotate in 4-week cycles. So as I’m in the middle of a Night Cycle: Good “morning”! 

Now that the explanations are finished, how do you like your coffee? Yes, this is what I was thinking about when I decided to post my (decidedly awesome!) ‘morning’ intake.

I’m not just talking about the coffee (or tea) itself, though that is a very important part of it. Everyone has a ritual when it comes to morning beverages (my ex insisted on Diet Coke first thing): a specific mug, a spoon of choice, sugar, creamer, black, hot, cold, where it is had, etc. Mine, very obviously is one of my Aperture Science ’70s diner throwback mugs, one of my lovely and specially reserved vintage Rosewood spoons, a spoon and a half of Raw Sugar, a spoon and a half of Coffee Mate, and a very strong (1:1 tbsp grounds to 6oz water) brew of percolated Luzianne coffee and chicory.

When I’m on Days, this comes outside with me to greet the sun from my tiny patio garden where I have a quaint little cast iron bistro table and chairs. On Nights, my cuppa and I tend to chill on the sofa. I’m not sure what it is about the time of day, but this does tend to be the trend.

What’s your coffee/tea ritual?

So I’ve been working on my kitchen, still some things to do with it; but I feel it’s coming along nicely. The place is a rental and there’s only so much I can with it. Right now, painting is out of the question - I’ve only been here 2 months and I refuse to commit to painting the walls if I don’t end up living here into a second year.

Aside from the standard beige paint, beige ‘marbled’ counters, and the noncommittal beige linoleum - it’s really not all that bad (we’ll just pretend that the cabinetry is not made from the lowest grade particle board or that someone must have taken a knife to the stove in a fit of rage). The floor plan is really well thought out - if you have furniture pre-dating the late 1970s (which I do) and know how to work it. 

The cats seem to approve.

In-Progress shot of Doctor Who tattoo: “I take the words and scatter them”